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Encourage students to examine Hanukkah Lamp: Miss Liberty carefully:

  • What words describe this Hanukkah lamp?

  • What symbols do you recognize?

  • How many statues do you see? What do you think this object could be used for?

  • Do you recognize any of the words on this lamp? Where are they from? What do they mean? How do they relate to the rest of the work?

  • Why do you think some of the statues are facing forward and some are facing backward?


After giving students ample opportunity to examine Hanukkah Lamp: Miss Liberty, lead them in a discussion of related topics and themes:

  • What does the Statue of Liberty signify? Why would someone make a Hanukkah lamp using this symbol? What, if anything, do the symbols on this lamp have to do with Hanukkah?

  • What materials do you think were used to make this object? Why would an artist choose to use "found" materials? What effect does the choice of materials have on the piece?

  • Why was the sight of the Statue of Liberty so important to immigrants arriving at Ellis Island? Does it have the same significance to you? What does liberty mean to you? Have immigrants always found liberty here? What does it mean to be free?


  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Symbols of America
  • Concepts of Liberty and Freedom
  • Poetry
  • Art from Found Objects