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Charitable remainder trusts generate a current income tax deduction for the donor and current income for the donor or a loved one. The trust is established for life or a term of years, after which the remaining funds are given to The Jewish Museum.

Benefits can include:
* Income for your lifetime or for a period of years, as you choose
* Annual income for yourself, a parent, child, or other loved one
* A possible way of supplementing your retirement income
* Immediate income tax charitable deductions for the donor
* A way of avoiding capital gains taxes on appreciated property
* A method for removing assets from the donor's taxable estate
* A way of converting non-income producing assets to a stream of income with favorable tax consequences
* The personal satisfaction of making a major gift to The Jewish Museum

Charitable lead trusts can be thought of as the reverse of remainder trusts. They generate current gifts to the Museum, while the remainder returns to you or is passed to the beneficiary of your choosing. Philanthropists have used charitable lead trusts for years as a way of passing along large portions of their estates to heirs without significant erosion of assets due to gift and estate taxes.

Benefits can include:
* Major support for The Jewish Museum
* A gift/estate tax deduction which may enable you to pass along far more to your heirs than would be possible otherwise
* A possible solution to the problem of passing a family business, or an income producing property, to your heirs.

Charitable lead trusts can be established during one's lifetime, or can take effect at one's death as part of the testamentary estate plan. You may choose to have a trustee manage the trust; or, if you prefer, you may act as trustee yourself.

If you or your attorney have any questions about the best way to make a gift to The Jewish Museum, please contact the Planned Giving Department at or 212.423.3296.

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