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New York Jewish Film Festival 2011

January 12, 2011 - January 27, 2011


Literature: 3 film(s)
The Human Resources Manager
Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish
Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness

The Human Resources Manager
Eran Riklis | Israel/Germany/France/Romania | 2010 | 103mm
New York Premiere
The human-resources manager at a bakery in Jerusalem must get to know one of his employees posthumously after her death in a suicide bombing. In this compelling and sensitive drama based on a book by A. B. Yehoshua, he finds himself the unlikely chaperone of the woman’s body to her native Romania. Along the way, he is by turns aided and undermined by members of her family, local politicians and emissaries, and a persistent tabloid reporter.
Noah Stollman, screenwriter, will be in attendance.
Sat Jan 15: 6:30pm
Thu Jan 20: 3:30pm
Thu Jan 20: 8:30pm

Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish
Eve Annenberg | USA | 2010 | 91mm
U.S. Premiere
A middle-aged ER nurse—and bitterly lapsed observant Jew—undertakes a Yiddish translation of Shakespeare’s great classic. Meanwhile, her houseguest, also a Hasidic dropout, is “leaking” Kabbalistic magic, and enchants her studio apartment. In what might be the first Yiddish “mumblecore” film, Annenberg creates a parallel universe (aka Williamsburg, Brooklyn), where Romeo and Juliet stem from divergent streams of ultra-orthodox Judaism and speak their lines in street-smart Yiddish.
Eve Annenberg, director, and members of the cast and crew will be in attendance.

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Seltzer Works
Jessica Edwards | USA | 2010 | 7mm
In the early 1900s, thousands of seltzer deliverymen shlepped heavy glass bottles full of fizzy water to millions of thirsty customers. In this short documentary, the last bottler in Brooklyn fends off the supermarket seltzer take-over and honors the drink’s place in history.
Jessica Edwards, director, will be in attendance at Jan 16 screening.
Sun Jan 16: 9:00pm
Wed Jan 26: 1:15pm

Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness
Joseph Dorman | USA | 2011 | 95mm
World Premiere
Director Joseph Dorman (Arguing the World, NYJFF 1997) returns with this moving portrait of the great Yiddish writer, Sholem Aleichem (1859-1916)—the man whose stories became the basis of the musical Fiddler on the Roof. Using the author’s works and his own life story, the documentary presents a riveting tale of a traditional Jewish world on the cusp of profound change. Ultimately, Laughing in the Darkness reveals Sholem Aleichem’s genius in capturing this world—its darkness, its disorientation—with brilliant humor as he explored the struggle to create a new modern Jewish identity.
Joseph Dorman, director, will be in attendance.
Thu Jan 13: 1:00pm
Thu Jan 13: 6:00pm

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