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New York Jewish Film Festival 2011

January 12, 2011 - January 27, 2011


Activism: 4 film(s)
Crime After Crime
Grace Paley: Collected Shorts
My So-Called Enemy
Red Shirley

Crime After Crime
Yoav Potash | USA | 2010 | 89mm
New York Premiere
A profoundly moving documentary film on the legal battle to free Debbie Peagler, a woman imprisoned in California for over a quarter century due to her connection to the murder of the man who abused her. She finds her only hope for freedom when two rookie attorneys—one of them an orthodox Jew, Joshua Safran—with no backgrounds in criminal law step forward to take her case.
Yoav Potash, director, and Joshua Safran will be in attendance.
Thu Jan 27: 1:00pm
Thu Jan 27: 6:00pm

Grace Paley: Collected Shorts
Lilly Rivlin | USA | 2010 | 75mm
New York City Premiere
In the words of filmmaker Lilly Rivlin, writer and activist Grace Paley “combined the best of all possible worlds—literature, politics, and love of humanity. Grace was a real mensch.” The child of Russian Jewish refugees, Paley went on to write such acclaimed short story collections as The Little Disturbances of Man and Enormous Changes at the Last Minute. Featuring intimate and surprising footage of Paley and her family, as well as interviews with Alice Walker, Allan Gurganus and others.
Lilly Rivlin, director, will be in attendance.

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Vera Klement: Blunt Edge
Wonjung Bae | Korea, USA | 2010 | 11mm
New York Premiere
As her 80th birthday approaches, artist Vera Klement starts another figure painting. As she completes the work, Vera, a Holocaust survivor, reflects on her life and celebrates her art.
Wonjung Bae, director, and Vera Klement, artist, will be in attendance.
Thu Jan 20: 1:00pm
Thu Jan 20: 6:00pm

My So-Called Enemy
Lisa Gossels | USA | 2010 | 89mm
New York City Premiere | Visit the website.
Some have lost friends and family members. All bear the psychological and emotional scars of living in a war zone. In July 2002, 22 Palestinian, Israeli and Palestinian Israeli teenage girls traveled to the U.S. to participate in a women’s leadership program called Building Bridges for Peace. This is the story of six of the girls and how the experience of knowing their “enemies” as human beings meets with the realities of their lives at home in the Middle East over the next seven years.
Lisa Gossels, director, will be in attendance.
Sun Jan 16: 6:45pm
Tue Jan 18: 7:30pm [at The JCC, Amsterdam Ave at 76th St]

Red Shirley
Lou Reed | USA | 2010 | 28mm
New York Premiere
Red Shirley is a portrait of the filmmaker's 100-year-old activist, unionist cousin, an articulate, living historical individual. A portrayal of a certain kind of genius, Red Shirley is an example of how the west was won. Photographed by portraitist Ralph Gibson and Directed by Lou Reed. Filmed in New York's Chelsea Garment Worker Project.
Screening will be followed by a discussion with Lou Reed and Ralph Gibson.
Sat Jan 15: 9:15pm

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