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Narrative Art

The resources in this section were developed for elementary through high school educators to explore the formal elements of art and to draw connections among visual art, language arts, and literacy. Each of the works of art included here has a narrative component. Much like an author or poet tells or evokes a story through words, artists can use visual elements to weave together a story with all the familiar components: characters, setting, plot/scenes, mood, and tone.

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Works of Art

This section offers ideas for exploring narratives in art by highlighting ten unique objects from The Jewish Museum's extensive collection.

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The works of art featured on this site have been grouped into three themes. Select a narrative theme:

Biblical Narratives
Historical Narratives
Memory and Personal Narratives

Narrative Art Activities

Each activity is connected to works of art and relates to specific academic disciplines, themes, and grades.

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Resources & Glossary

Explore a list of terms and definitions relating to art, and the Narrative Art guide as well as educational websites and resources.