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Create a Tu B'Shevat Collage with recycled materials!Share

Kibbutz Amir, Israel

Annie Leibovitz (American, b. 1949)

Kibbutz Amir, Israel, 1969

  • Gelatin silver print
  • 8 x 11 3/4 in. (20.3 x 29.8 cm)
  • The Jewish Museum, New York
  • Gift of the artist, 1995-59

Not on view



Kibbutz Amir, Israel


Kibbutz Amir, Israel

This photograph was taken at Kibbutz Amir in Israel. A kibbutz is a community and farm where people live and work together, and share many responsibilities. It is harvest time in this photo. How can you tell? Think about all the amazing things trees give us.

Materials you will need:
Magazines, newspapers, catalogues, or any other printed paper
Glue stick

Making your Collage

1. Take a moment to look at the tree on the next page. Think about the colors you want to use to fi ll in the parts of the tree. Also, consider a color for the background.

2. Look through your collected magazine papers for the colors and textures you want to use for the trunk and branches of your tree. Cut or rip out the pages and then cut or tear them into smaller pieces to fi t into the tree.

3. Glue your pieces of paper to the tree. This process is called collage! Continue collaging more paper pieces for the leaves and background of your tree.

Some things to consider:
Will your tree have lots of leaves, just a few, or none at all?
Do you want to include fruit on your tree?
What other things can you add to the background? More trees, clouds, or birds?
Will you glue everything down fl at, or do you want some of the paper to pop off the page?

Once the glue has dried, you have finished your collage! Hang it somewhere for friends and family to enjoy.

Plan Your Visit

The Jewish Museum - 5th Avenue
1109 5th Ave at 92nd St
New York NY 10128