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Museum Visits and the Common CoreShare

Jewish Museum programs for school groups support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and enhance classroom curricula by engaging students with primary sources—in the form of original works of art and artifacts—through close observation, discussion, and interpretation. Below are examples of the ways in which guided museum visits foster skills outlined by the CCSS; these skills are markers of students who are career and college ready.

Demonstrate independence
• Jewish Museum educators use inquiry methods to create a discussion-based
forum in which students articulate their interpretations and share their opinions
about works of art. Students learn to debate ideas and think critically.

• Gallery exercises and studio art projects encourage students to use their
imagination, be creative, and hone problem-solving skills.

Build strong content knowledge
• By engaging students with art and artifacts spanning thousands of years, museum visits build on classroom units of study with themes such as Archaeological Dig and Ancient Civilizations, Remembering the Holocaust, or The Immigrant Experience.

• Jewish Museum educators consult with classroom teachers to establish connections to classroom curricula, goals, and vocabulary.

Respond to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline
• Students deconstruct how artists use color, line, and symbolic imagery to convey meaning and impact the viewer and consider similar artistic choices when creating their own works of art.

Comprehend as well as critique
• Museum visits are organized around themes to facilitate access to complex concepts. Students use discussion, writing, and art-making activities to express their own ideas and to construct meaning.

Value evidence
• Students cite visual evidence during inquiry-based discussions to support their interpretations. Museum educators encourage students to make observations and develop hypotheses through an examination of primary sources, namely, original art and artifacts.

Come to understand other perspectives and cultures
• The Museum’s permanent collection includes 26,000 works of art from various countries including India, Israel, China, Argentina, and Iran. Students discuss the convergence of cultures and make connections to their own lives through themes such as Cultural Exchange, Art and Identity, Festivals of Light, or The Immigrant Experience.

Plan Your Visit

The Jewish Museum - 5th Avenue
1109 5th Ave at 92nd St
New York NY 10128

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