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December Dilemma: Jews, Television, and the Holiday Season

November 2, 2004 - January 2, 2005


The winter holidays bring joy to the world. But they also engender tension and confusion over thorny issues such as the separation of church and state, intermarriage, anti-Semitism, consumer ethics, and American ethnic identity. In the past fifty years, television has inspired a broad public forum to address the "December Dilemma". This 30-minute compilation of video clips from educational and entertainment programs provides an overview of conflicted emotions surrounding the December holidays. Excerpts from The Jewish Museum's broadcast archive include Arthur's Perfect Christmas (2000), Curb Your Enthusiasm (2002), Friends (2000), Northern Exposure (1991), The O.C. (2003), Saturday Night Live (1977, 1988), Seinfeld (1997), South Park (1997), and thirtysomething (1988).

Courtesy of Comedy Central.

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