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Our Great Garden: Nurturing Planet Earth

September 26, 2004 - July 31, 2007


The Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam translates from Hebrew to "Repairing the World." This new exhibition for families and children explores ways in which we can fulfill this value in our daily lives, through appreciation and protection of the natural environment.

The exhibit focuses on three central themes - appreciating the beauty of nature, understanding our responsibility to take care of the natural world, and using our resources responsibly - and looks at these themes through the lens of Jewish values.

The first section of the exhibition explores beauty in nature, with an installation of constructed trees and plants, and several interactive art activities designed to inspire an appreciation for the wonder and awe of the natural world. The second section focuses on caring for the natural world and encourages children to think about home and family, material resources, and the interconnectedness of all living things. Through a variety of activities within a nest environment, children will evaluate how they fit into the ecosystem and reflect on ways to preserve it. In the third section, children will learn about reusing and recycling materials in their daily lives to gain maximum potential from natural resources while preserving the earth. Interactive art projects using recycled materials will stimulate creativity and appreciation for the multiple and artistic uses of common objects.

Our Great Garden: Nurturing Planet Earth is underwritten by the Dorot Foundation in memory of Joy Ungerleider and in honor of The Jewish Museum's centennial.

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