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A selection of the memories shared by visitors to the exhibition:

Grandma putting the carp in the bathtub until she was ready to cook the fish.

Studying in Florida
Since the younger Jews are few and far between in Florida the rabbi would incorporate both boys and girls in his lessons. One night of Chanukkah, we all went out to the beach (2 blocks) and lit the menorah there and had a study party.
Sarah 6/6/2009

When TVs became available, the first family to own one in our apt. building had at least 50 kids sitting on the floor, watching "Howdy Doody" every night. The TV itself was about a 10" black and white model in a big cabinet.

My savta (grandmother) Miriam frying latkes for Chanukah

I remember at shabbat when I was a kid, after saying the blessings and eating dinner we would have long conversations about what we did during the week, art, politics & history. My mom would always fall asleep at the table so we had a little red pillow nearby that she could use to take a shabbos nap.
Sara Figueroa

Swimming with my Bubbie while she tried not to get her hair wet.